The Ovilus III is an instrumental trans-communication (ITC) device. The Ovilus III converts environmental readings into words. The goal of the device is to facilitate communications. Just like doing an EVP feedback, nothing is instant or guaranteed to produce results. The Ovilus III provides eight (8) different modes and a Sync mode to make matching up cameras and recorders easier. Most of the time, the Ovilus III is simply triggered by its surroundings.

Tests you can use to determine whether you are receiving information or simply occasional triggered from the environment around the device are 1) the response needs to be immediate; and 2) the response needs to be contextual, and the response must be accurate. For example, you ask “did you live here?” and the Ovilus III responds “cake-tree-sofa”. This is simply the Ovilus III triggered by the environment. Using the Ovilus III is the same as using an EVP. You do not receive answers to every question asked. You are looking for contextual and relevant answers to questions. If you ask again, “Did you live here?” and the Ovilus III responds “home-many-years”, the answer is accurate and this is what you are looking for.