Video cameras are another important instrument for an investigation. Unlike still cameras, they provide us with constant visual and audio surveillance for review and observation. Unfortunately, video cameras do not have the success rate of psychic photos that a still camera may take, but it still had its advantages. With video, any phenomena occurring can be documented in its entirety. This will show the length of time the phenomena occurs, what is happening, the conditions surrounding the phenomena, and possibly even the cause of the phenomena.

When setting up a video camera, place it in an area that has an unobstructed view of the whole area being investigated. Make sure it is not in the way of the investigators, an entrance, or an exit. The Investigator(s) that are using video should always state verbally the location, time, investigators names, and the weather conditions. It is extremely important to state any obstruction in the focus point of the video camera that may be perceived as an anomaly during review, such as a light source, for example. Do not use any external light source when videoing. Most video cameras are low lux or have a Night Shot setting on them - if so, use that setting. When reviewing the tape, be sure to mark down all the times when a phenomenon occurs.