Case  20130216: Wheatlands Plantation


The host location is an 1820 Federal Style Plantation Home that has seen over 70 murders and deaths in the house itself. The plantation also holds a Burial Mound with the bodies of 27 Natives that were massacred before the Revolutionary War along with over 50 African Slave Grave Sites. It is a Revolutionary War Battle Site, a Civil War Headquarter and encampment and sits along an Indian Trail.  The house, built by a Freemason was purposely constructed on top of a giant geode.

Wheatlands, named after its large annual wheat crop, was established as a family farm by Revolutionary War veteran Timothy Chandler in the 1790s. Chandler's son, John Chandler (1786–1875), inherited Wheatlands in 1819, and under his direction the plantation grew to become one of Sevier County's largest farms, covering 3,700 acres (1,500 ha) by 1850. Chandler's freed slaves inherited part of Wheatlands in 1875, and formed the Chandler Gap community in the hills south of the plantation

Legend Has It:   Many sightings have been seen at this plantation house over the years.  LIttle slave children have been seen running around on the grounds.  A little blond girl in a blue dress has been seen within the house running up and down the stairs to name a few.   Shadows and objects have been reported to move in the barn and gravesite areas as well.

Team members: Keith, Jon, Price and Susan

Equipment Used: 2 K2 meters, 4 digital Cameras, 2 Frank Boxes and 2 digital Voice Recorders

Ghost Weather: Super cold!!!  New Moon. Average temperature was around 10 F°

wheatlandsLocation: Murphy, North Carolina
35°55′7″N   83°40′6″W
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No Case Report - Ghost Hunt Weekends

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